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Lipedema disease (English subs)

Alexandre Amato, MD, PhD. Lipedema is a fat deposition disease in limbs. How to treat lipedema. #dralexandreamato #lipedema #institutoamato #keto
See also this video: https://youtu.be/HFEUGQ6hOTw
See this video with portuguese subs https://youtu.be/27yi4XzWg98
Inflammation triggers Lipedema is a chronic progressive disease characterized by the abnormal accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous region. Both medical and surgical treatments have been described in international guidelines; however, the current literature is biased toward promoting liposuction as the primary treatment of lipedema, and this can lead to the misapprehension that liposuction is the only form of definitive treatment.
Currently, there are many described therapies available for lipedema. Liposuction surgery for lipedema should be considered one possible tool. Treatment objectives can be different for each patient. It is imperative to understand each patient’s needs in order to offer the best therapy attainable that meets patient requirements and induces a better quality of life. Non-surgical treatment of lipedema is feasible in selected cases, and it can meet the criteria for achieving selected clinical objectives.
read this paper here: https://vascular.cc/paper_artigo/is-lipedema-a-unique-entity/
Lipedema photos: https://bio.amato.io/prepos

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